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The Power Of Lashes

What seems like a silly title is actually beyond accurate!

A lot of us spend a good chunk of our time in the morning or before an evening out, layering on coats of mascara. Some of us also opt to use a metal contraption  (also known as an eyelash curler) to better achieve that perfectly curled lash prior to piling on the mascara. 

We layer, go to the next eye and repeat, being extra careful not to blink or even sneeze before it dries. I too have fallen victim to the unforgiven sneeze that ruins my set concealer & seamless eyeshadow. 

We grab a q-tip and wipe away the little smudges on our eyelids only to check ourselves mid-day to find the dreaded black casted shadow under our eyes... “why didn’t anyone tell me...” you think. Most likely they knew from experience, it’s envitable! 

At Brooks & Harlow we not only strive to unleash your inner beauty through a new haircut, fresh luscious color or perfectly sculpted brows but the goal is also to simplify your daily routines! Our mission is to continue to learn & educate ourselves on how to bring the next and best thing to our clients, ultimately allowing you to leave happy and for the next few weeks, easily maintain the service we have provided. 

Lashes have become quite popular in today’s beauty world, which is why we’ve gone through every extent at BHS to educate ourselves & deliver for our clients!

From the world renowned lash extension brand we offer, Xtreme Lashes, to our newest service we will be offering, the Lash Lift by Sugar Pro Lash Company - we will continue to always provide the most exceptional, meticulous beauty services. 

So, what are the differences between Lash Extensions & a Lash Lift?

Lash Lifts - This service takes about an hour. We go through a 3 step process to semi permanently curl your natural lashes, with the affect lasting up to 6 weeks! The Lash Lift is best paired with a Lash Tint providing you with the ultimate curl & darkest lashes, ultimately opting for little to no mascara in your morning routine!

Lash Extensions - The initial service (the “Full Set”) is 2 hours. In that two hour time frame, I seamlessly place 60+ lash extensions on each eye lash. One individual extension is placed on one individual lash, providing you with longer, thicker lashes. There are 3 different types of thickness & 4 different types of curl to choose from. After having a consultation, we will work together to determine the perfect look for you! It’s normal to shed about 2-5 lashes a day, which is why you should maintenance lash extensions every 2-3 weeks to always have a flawless, full lash look. I’m often asked if lash extensions are damaging - no damage is done to your natural lashes so long as you are cleansing them 2-3 times a week and are not pulling or rubbing the lash extensions! When your ready for a removal we do recommend coming in for a professional, proper removal!

Still not sure what service is right for you? Book a consultation with me at Brooks & Harlow Salon to find out what services fit your lifestyle! Call (585)398-8045 or book online 24/7 at

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