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How To Brow

There are thousands of brow products on the internet/in-stores for you to choose from and standing or scrolling through can be very intimidating. I am here to show & tell you -do not be afraid! In three steps, with three fabulous products, you to can achieve the perfect brows. 

I have created a video for all of you to view - to visually see “how to brow”, but I also want to explain in detail each step, so that you understand the WHYS in all this brow beauty. 

Step One:

We are going to emphasize or correct our brow shape. To do this, we need a product that is precise & user friendly which is why one of my go-to’s is our Brooks & Harlow Precision Brow Pencil. We have over 6 different shades to custom match you. I like to start at the arch of the eyebrow and work my way down to the tail. I choose to start at the end because this is where you want your brow to be the fullest. It’s also where a lot of us are lacking / sparse. Connect the arch to the tail of the brow and follow the hair strokes, being sure to soften the placement of the product with the spoolie end of the brush. This way, it looks very natural and not like you have product in your brow. I continue to work my way up to the start of the brow, using my precision tip to follow the hair strokes and fill in any bare spaces in my brow. When I get to the start of the brow I like to create vertical upward strokes, mocking the brow hairs. I do a final stroke through with the spoolie end to reassure everything looks soft and natural. 

Step Two:

Using our Matte Beige Concealer Stick I am going to use a flat edge brush and stamp the concealer the brow -being sure to get very close to the brow hairs. I am doing this to not only highlight my brow bone (giving the brow bone a natural lift), but I am creating a “crisp” line under the brow hairs - really perfecting that chiseled, sculpted brow. It also cleans up any product that may be outside of the brow line, or got a little messy. 

Step Three:

To lock in all of your hard work, and keep your brows in place, I am going to use the Brooks & Harlow Brow Set - one of my favorite products. It is a clear gel that is specially formulated to hold brow hairs in place. Not only does it hold all of the hairs in place and grooms them to perfection, but it actually defines each and every brow hair. This Brow Set, in conjunction with the Precision Brow Pencil, give your brows a natural, defined and sculpted look. When you’re around the time for your next brow appointment, and you see a crazy-long stray, you can also use this product to hold it in place. 

There’s a secret power hidden in brows. What is it exactly? I’m still not sure, but why else would we care so much about these furry friends above our eyes? Eyebrows have grown to be massively influential in 2018! It’s funny how each decade seems to have a brow trend. A lot of clients I see today hit their “brow peak” in the 90’s, where a thin line of brow hairs was the real statement, and today we work together to grow in & reshape! The power of your eyebrows can be used to your advantage. Book a Luxe Brow appointment with me at a Brooks & Harlow Salon and get your brows on point before the holidays. 

Call (585)398-8045 or book online 24/7 at

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