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Black Ops 1 (T5M) Update benjan




broken link Raptor | battle mode | quest-in progress: A third beta is out, and a 4th (?) is on the way. Thanks to all of you for your feedback on the first beta, and all of you for playing with us. The second beta will be a little shorter, and more focused. It will be available for download at 4pm PST (Pacific). The updates will be a re-writing of the way the battle mode handles questing, a few bugfixes, some new maps, and a few new units. This will be the last beta before the release. (As of right now.) The third beta will be a fully written-out beta. That means we will have a full test build of the game, and you can play it on your own accounts. We don't want the beta going too long between updates, so the idea is to do something with the 3rd beta, while not over-doing it with the content of it. And of course, as always, there will be a fourth and final beta with all of the main features implemented and balanced. We don't have any estimates on release date for the 4th beta, but we will definitely do something exciting with it, and we'll post about it then. The design of this game, and how it's planned to work, is a pretty big change from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. With the changes to add a more complex, yet more dynamic game-play experience, and add that to the many user-made mods, it's going to be a bit of a learning curve. With the beta, and with the support of the community, we can only get better. So, for those of you who have played the beta, thanks a lot. I look forward to hearing what you think. If you missed the beta, the download link is on the right. Thank you all for your help on this game. It's been an amazing journey, and you've been an amazing group of people to work with. We're looking forward to seeing what you all do with this game. On behalf of the entire team at 1C, thanks again, and we hope you continue to enjoy the game! - EDIT: Added link to beta download, on the right. If you need help with




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Black Ops 1 (T5M) Update benjan

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